...first off a cats gotta picture th'scene,london town at th'end o' 66/beginnin' o' 67,th'marquee club in soho is havin' psychedelic freakouts on a sunday afternoon with hippys rollin' around in giant jellies,UFO trippers blowin' their mind to th'pink floyd,soft machine're givin' off psychedelic wobbly jazz pop,layabouts're groovin' at th'free school in nottin' hill,I.T newspaper're reportin' th'happ'nins in th'basement o'indica bookshop,th'fab4(mainly macca)get down with th'freakbeat that turned on mods're explodin' with,everything is gearin' up for a TURNED ON TIME...yanquee rhythm&soul guitarist jimi hendrix has been in town a few weeks'n all th'cats're gettin' blown away with th'avant/trippy acid damaged string bendin' he's been layin' down at a few gigs'n his psychedelic pop-punk-folk 45RPM 'hey joe'is gettin chart action,pickin' up an audience o'teenagers who're ready for new excitin' sounds...this boot is from th'experience gig(02.04.67) at th'flamingo club,a mod/yank G.I hangout where th'reefer is passed round'n french blues make th'mind'tape is a bit crumpled in places'n th'general sound is typical o'th'time,heavy distorted noise pushin' its way through inadequate P.A,but its a great opportunity to hear them early on,th'newly formin' blooz rock'n feedback oozin' out,layin' a residue o'smokey thickness around th'room,everyone diggin' th'vibe,groovin' high on a saturday night with poundin' pulsatin' rhythms peakin' th'weekends buzz...


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