...through his work with th'stones jack nitzsche scored th'gig o' knockin' out th'soundtrk here'n he grabbed a coupla laurel canyon cats, ry cooder'n randy newman'n put this hippy voodoo funk'dout version o' amerikkka ('n by extension th'rest o' th'planet in that year o' strifed vibes nineteen'n sixty eight)...lonesome slide (ry)'n mouthbow courtesy buffy st.marie supply vibes from weirder daze'n give off unreal'n temporal distorted waves which is whats happ'nin in powis sq. from th'flik in question...mick jagger is th'cat whose house is made up o' drugged worlds within worlds'n th'rage o' th'outside uptight world permeates via th'music...though th'flik is takin' place in ol' london towne'n th'soundtrk was put together in L.A th'discrepancies o' cultures (swingin' versus capitalist)'re not so evident cos th'hep world is known by th'vibe rather than th'material...


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