...buried under a storm o' tape hiss lies a great listen to th' floyd as they noodle their way through some space jams that by this time(03.27.69)they were exceedin' in like no other acid rock'sound once located under said hiss is a boomin' rumble in a cardboard box with inaudible mumblin' vocals makin' this a top illicit earful just like th'TMOQ cats used to put out back in th' day, most likely on a pink wax as was their fancy...theres no deviatin' away from th'idea that th'heavy blastin' disturbance o' air here is like some kinda neanderthal krautrock wastage'n not some polite pastoral prog(a cat might wanna get thinkin' about amon duul, if they could really play their axes, gettin down with this kinda basement spillage o' prime slop)...they were recordin' th'soundtrk to 'more' at this time'n this sure is th'antidote to that downer folk biscuit, this is more like 'rocket from th'tombs'kickin out th'jams on a wet thursday night just as th'bad acid began to peak...if'n this had escaped instead o' ummagumma th'course o' rockroll proggy stuff woulda been changed, instead o' puttin' out DSOTM they'd be tourin' with th'stooges'n grand funk be open'nin' th'show, th'whole thing be like a homage to bad drugs'n th'wasted hippy-trash life...hotcha...


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