...cats in th'know with'an ear to th'ground'n certainly a finger on th'pulse will wanna know th'EBBETTS MONO blonde on blonde is worth th'bother cos at very least its part o' th'essential whole pop-into-rock movement that was bubblin'n perculatin' all over back in 65/66 with cats on a certain wavelength groovin' makin' pop an artform for th'NOW generation(beatles/who/byrds/brian wilson)'last release o'th'zimm amphetamine freak trio o'joints that came out over th'pivitol years o' pop becomin' its own master,no longer th'puppet(some will dispute this with th'certainties that most're still deluded'n lead by capitalist oppressor, that all pop is no more than mere entertainment,always was always will be),art to be created to put a message in th'air, that corruption is rife in th'landscape,th'older ones wish to enslave th'youth to make their empty live bearable...put this on th'deck'n turn th'volume onto stun'n dig th'drugg'd out blooz swamp th'room,engulf th'senses'n fill up th'void with visions o' th'gone world, indeed an updated 'colney island o' th'mind'with th'arabian drums beatin out a new rythym for tomorrow,for th'struggle to control o'untold destinies...a wall o'sound from beyond th'known,deep in th'unconcious zapped mind, from th'strange world behind th'warehouse eyes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, many thanks. Any chance you could re-up the blonde on blonde sessions to compliment this ?

3:49 AM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

on its way...

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking 4ward to it

2:27 AM  

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