...when bobs GWW dropped in berkeley,calif.back in '69 no one really knew what had been set in motion,a parallel record industry was born almost overnight...originally appearin' in a blank gatefold sleeve,two disks with white labels,no writin',it immediately sold out,every hep cat on th'scene knew this hadda be something to do with dylan,no one else had ever said'i'm not here'more vociferously than dylan over th'past decade,yet all th'time makin' sure those that needed to know knew he certain was here,this double biscuit just gotta be by dylan even though not through regular record co.retail,this was dylan bein' liberated from himself by hipster chancers from los angeles(th'place for entertainment bread hustle)...its not impossible that th'zimm instigated th'whole bootleg phenomena in rock(common in jazz/blues for collectors're th'pirate copies/homages)himself when he allowed th'big pink song demos out into th'unguarded market back in late '67,cos he does like th'idea o' a parallel line o' recordin's when theres more than one 'bob',in fact now there're multiple bobs reflected back by his audiences idea o'who he'disk that came to be known as th'great white wonder was made up o' tunes from th'then unheard tapes made at bonnie beechers pad back in 61'n th'basement tapes supplied a few with still more from another side/times/highway/ tv show/broadside office int.w/pete seeger,every trk solid gold nuggets o'bobness,this was th'single most desireable object in rock'nroll in late69,every layabout,hooligan,cat on th'block wanted a copy'n want it bad,it became a jones to acquire this wax'n that jones was soon satisfied(up to a point)with copies/variations all appearin' within weeks'n months(theres gotta be over 50 variations o' this,many more due to th'easy technology at every layabouts pad now'days)...what we got here is a straight dub from one o' th'original los angeles pressin'n as such is mighty fine in th'hi-fi directions for th'time,in fact this must set th'benchmark for rock'roll boots,just th'right amount o'hazy scuzz givin' it that illicit all probability th'trk choice was limited to what th'cats in LA had to hand, but it vibes well'n plays as good as it should'n bob modeled his self-portrait wax on its karmic qualities o'keepin' it all together'/lettin' go with th'flow...this is a heavy groove'n should be played only when all memory is forgot,a cats gotta dig its 1969 for th'first time'n dylans movin' outside th'law to get th'word out...


Blogger Rick said...

This is a tremendous find for me. I've been lookin' around for this and the other excellent Dylan rarities you've posted. Thanks!

1:29 PM  

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