...archival release o' cleveland OH. combos which is o' inestimable import to th'progression o' underground rock at th'time (mid70s) from link wray/dick dale onto th'yardbirds at th' crawdaddy to th' velvets 'n silver apples through th' deviants/stackwaddy to third world war 'n crushed'tapes have been left ruff'n ready 'n show these three distinct combos with their various aesthetic'mirrors kick off with what at first hearin' sounds like a way tasty pile up o' velvets damage with some prime troggs thud smeared 'n worked in...grandiose prog 'n glam vibes,but on a basement budget, swell up but are soon overcome as th' cats weave a snakey drone into th'soup...syd barrett looms with some intersteller screech which gives way to some velvets'69 poundin'' styrenes immediately show 'n awareness o' comic/ culture 'n th'avant garde/krautrock vibrations that were happenin' in various hep locales throughout th' 70s scuzzy period o' leftover 60s thought 'n bad drugs consumption...definite jazzbo persuasions crop up with some slight fusion moves but nothin' to get a cat bothered(no technical profundities, just usin' th'vibes from th'radio as extra input), but th'artschool/soft machine off kilter pop fixations weigh in 'n th'fusion groove is'k-rock drone smears this with a fazed'n bubbly wobble that pushes th'whole gubbin's further into th'netherworld 'o secret vibrations, only layabouts inclined to be down with forward thinkin' will notice this slide into further-outness, all is not what it may first appear...sandwiched between these outtatime acid rockers is th'intense'n urgent twisted retarded bad attitude that emanates from th'electric eels...noticeable is a popart/autodestruction blowout givin' rise to th'fact that these cats also dig th'sixties more primal crunch fired on by some way tasty moe tucker' vocals are whiny'n shouty 'n kinda like a less trained stiv'live trx show that th'high energy intensity shown on th'studio tapes didn't always make it past some stoner riffin' but is still real nice with th'baitin' bad attitude in full effect...all across th'planet pockets o' hepness similar to this was goin' on 'n this is a must for heads who dig th'flow o' true rockin'n avant thought as they weave their way thru th' consciousness o' th' cozmic beatnix o' hepsville...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the cleveland scene look forward to hearing this .theanks

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Paisley Panties said...

Hey, this is an amazing post. Only...there's no track list and the MP3 tracks aren't labeled by artist. Any way to tell which songs by which band, other than to just try to figure it out by sound? Thanks!

5:59 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

sorry about that mess up...try this link for th'full gubbin's-

4:53 AM  
Anonymous paisley Panties said...

I got it. Thanks, man!

7:15 AM  

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