...after th'success in underground scenes o'th'zimms GWW'n variations a flood o'boots containin' early tapes o'bob hit th'head shops'n were duely picked up by layabouts'n folkies...this early 70s wax came about via th'TMOQ label'n is made up o' trx from th'minnesota hotel tapes from december 61(minnesota hotel bein' in actuality th'apartment o' bonnie beecher who let just about any vagabond crash there)as indeed many boots at that time were'n a coupla trx taped at broadside magazines office(63)...bob lays down an energetic performance explodin' with affirmed glee as he comes on like railroad hobo entertainin' fellow transients with hard luck tales o' life lived out rough...some noise associated with tapes dubbed more than once'n aged wax is apparent though better than it could be,all in all a boss time can be had'n held...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for another amazing share.
If you hav'n't already, check out TARINGA for lotsa bob boots
Cheers Mal

2:16 PM  

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