...a lotta combos who claim th'velvets as primo influence usually point to th' third album or th'soft trx on th'first as an excuse as to why their own 'rocknroll' is fulla weak 'rocked' ballads...another thing is that they dont even sound like th'velvets'n most probably dont really like'eighties was fulla these namby-pamby outfits goin' nowhere fast hopin' to con any unsuspectin' cats outta some'chain were one o' th'few who understood that to dig lou's crew was to gather up th'ballads, inject some life into 'em'n cover th'whole shebang in a sister ray feedback riffarama...this first spillage o' hotcha grooves was one o' th'finest (high profile) wax from that sorry decade, boltin' louisms to stooge slop'n givin' some shadow morton echo blasts into th'red...over 2decades down th'pike 'n this biscuit is still a fine 'n dandy skreeech fest o' high gutter beauty...


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