...any cats who kinda forgot about spirit after that quartet o'near perfect rockjazzbo psych grooves from th'late 60s might wanna get cozy with this double disk comp o' their '70s output for th'mercury label,not as cerebral as th'early works but certainly not whacked out AOR useless as most o' their contemporaries who were still in th'game were puttin' out(no names no pack drill but we all know who was guilty o'blandness in th'dark days o' th'mid/late seventies'n onward),theres some cool vibes happ'nin''first disk is nearly all th'spirit o' 76 wax'n th'2nd is a fair smatterin' o' trx from th'other 3 which unfortunately did have some below par tuneage on them(at least below par for a group o'spirits calibre),not as wig liftin' as th'early work but worthwhile'n recommended for all heads who dwell out on th'time coast with some rock'nroll curiosity in th'blood...


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