...larry had been workin'th'distorted soulful keyboard with hendrix'n tony williams'n miles in th'late sixties/early seventies'n this was his first solo venture for th'new decade...after th'60s were spent at blue note it was time for a new label'n perception records was gearin' itself up as th'forward lookin' jazz label,takin' th'music boldly into tomorrow...this joint was released in 73'n takes its cue from a soul jazz/lounge groove,only this is lounge with a certain amount o' otherness,a space vibe mixed with freejazz/avant moves,a tribal hard bop groundin' that expands ever outward with all th'cats weavin' intricate patterns in tripped out modal noodlin'...mangulated gurgles bubble in circular movement,lookin' for th'next step in th'journey,th'players all takin' a slightly different path overlappin' occasionally as th'exporatory grooves head on into th'unknown,zig-zaggin' chaos in an abandoned reefer conversation,cats chatterin' through their instruments tellin' th'next page in th'unwindin' story o' jazz...recommended to all soulful beatnix with a distrust o' 70s fusion,this is no overly complicated mind rot,this is th'true stoned weirdbeard space boogie from new jersey...


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