...absolutely brilliant 3 disk set o' acid test weirdness from six different evenin's o'zonked madness,when reality gave up'n declared itself redundant...ken keseys merry pranksters take th'list'ner into th'floaty meltin wobblyness o' their desires with a little help from th'grateful dead who lay down some top twisted R&B jams with th'right amount o' groovy vibes that enable strange things to happen...th'dead aint got to th'ballroom trip yet,this is still club sounds stretchin out,proto-psych,mutatin' rhythms/blooz,goin wherever th'evenin' leads...pigpens keyboard is joyously dronin'n squeaky with jerry takin' off on flights that aint been scheduled yet,captain trips is learnin' th'controls that will eventually take th'dead into th'cosmos(then up th'country though that aint for a few years)...th'merry pranksters style o' 'rockin' aint even shown up on th'radar,this is chemical indulgence from th'centre o' th'unconscious mind,th'sounds o' th'LSD bubble explodin time'n time again...kesey raps about th'preceedin's turnin into a spaceship'n takin off for places uncharter'd,a bus trip for th'collective mind...augustus owsley stanley is in charge o' th'deads sound, keepin' th'groove alive for th'trippers,neal cassady is wanderin' around diggin everything like a beatnik beacon, keepin everyone safe,th'outside world stayin where it belongs,outside...confused confusion confusin' everything but th'confused,these were evenin's when bewilder'd decision was left at th'door,it was time to see through different eyes,eyes that had been shut by societies consumer values were beginnin' to be opened...these tapes have been around for years in various states o' disrepair'n this is a welcome salvagin' puttin it into some chronological context(that maybe some kinda paradox but it dont make no nevermind)'n th'sound is real good all things consider'd...


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