...ATTENTION deadheads'n layabouts down with th'HEP groove,this gotta be some heavy air experiments that were first muted durin' th'anthem sessions come to fruition,just dig th'duprees diamond blues' atmosphere,theres a hazy stoned vibe that can actually be felt as well as heard,this is one drugged gauze for th'list'ner to get involved in,totally wrapped fact th'whole disk got a physical feel,it pulls across channels with an unseen force,th'unsuspectin recipient is virtually transported from one position to another without travellin,true psychedelia,positively shamanistic...these're th'earlier sessions that were takin' place in an 8trk studio(th'released LP was redone/finished in 16trk)'n its a different vibe completely,less full up but way more stoned in an organic way,theres an ages old mystic groove,alchemy in action,sound turned into energy with th'power to move inner'n outta body at th'same time,blendin' twin'apparent emptiness o' these beginnin ideas now seems heavier, less conscious yet more knowin',a possible rebound from th'made mixology that was th'preceedin' wax, th'magnificent, inspirin' anthem disk from earlier in th'year...'whats become o'th'baby',always th'litmus test for true deadheads 'vs' light-weight interlopers who came in when it all became FM stylized hip capitalism at dead concerts/lame albums,is presented as originally conceived as a folky groove has already taken on an avant slant,with th'ever-present tape hiss becomin' an essential part o' th'process,addin' ethereal weirdness,a visitation to king arthurs court to hear a new poem from across th'marsh's o' pre-history,from faraway lands,dream time in th'modern LSD world,tranportin' from within/'finished released effort has always been looked at as th'deads 'sgt pepper'(always some kinda journalistic short cut/kiss o' death)'n its true in that this is a different group from th'R&B days,but way more distinctive to th'post 'live dead' watershed,just th'way th'fab4 were different on pepper,they didn't exist as any beginnin' or th'end but they weren't anything to do with transition,they just were in an aberrant moment o' unforeseen circumstances within th'entertainment business...there is one nearly believable pepperism in th'deads name becomin' WE ATE THE ACID' when th'cover is viewed with unquizzical eyes ...a few other surprises await for th'astral planes traveller with a ticket to nirvana'n all points east...


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