...march 68'n th'dead have got themselves a gig playin' to th'hep partisans o' th'haight'n surroundin' environs,all th'heads'n pan handlin' runaways're there,so's a few hells angels'n cops,plus berkeley politicos'n from across th'bay a coupla cats from th'black panther'existin' evidence in this tape, which while rough in places is eminently enjoyable with th'dead gettin' down'n funky with some stretchin' out on some black cat bone blooz,this is th'real deal,moody reefer'd juke joint saints come to play for th'faithful('n curious),a total sense o' community comes off this,with th'dead catchin' ahold o' a gospel vibe with their call'n response vocal'dead round this time was startin' to come to th'peak o'their powers,hep blooz wailin' meetin' with th'acid induced avant garde,folk musics gettin'messed around to extend th'possibilities o' th'genre,which while gettin' a new lease o' life through hippie mysticism was headin' into commercial avenues with singersongwriters, th'new pop folk heroes...this is only th'first part o' th'gig but th'cat who was tapin' had th'batteries fail so th'spacey part o' th'preceedin's has been lost,which in a way is cool,th'dead're floatin' in space, th'vibes becomin' mellow through age but gatherin' more potency as they journey ever outward,ever onward takin' IT to th'cool place,searchin' th'universe for th'ever lastin' groove...cats who dig th'dead as they should be,when they ventured forth but knew where th'sounds came from(most o' th'time) will get a buzz,th'dead're still learnin' what it is they are,theres no compromise,th'funky hallucination's to be channelled for th'good o' mankind,to manifest th'modern bohemian to stop th'ever grindin' wheels o' th'downpressor'n in that respect this gig is RIGHT ON as th'between song proclamations will reveal...


Anonymous Paisley Panties said...

What a great set! This is one of the best 67-68 shows I've heard; it's hard to find good ones since the tapers weren't really set up back then and the shows that exist often sound pretty bad. Thanks for this psychedelic mess!

2:49 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

this is a great tape as is th'fillmore east from june68

12:04 PM  

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