...apart from th'blantantly obvious fact that a lot more care'n attention coulda been garnered on th'presentation this cd is a real nice groove over a few evenin's down ladbroke grove way circa 1972...taped at wild drugged get-togethers with larry wallis'n twink in attendance at steves basement flat theres nice acoustic grooves with guitar/bongos/melletron,explosive amphetamine blare'n generally a cloudy haze o'whiskey'n reefer flowin' through...psychedelia pops up here'n they're remindin' th'list'ner that th'age o' hippy aquarius,though havin' taken a beatin' from th'pig was still a viable concern,at least with these cats who had th'aquariun groove rolled together with motorcycle boots'n leather jackets...theres th'ocassional marc bolan riff floatin',some heavy pink fairy damage blastin' its way to th'surface,its possibly th'best expression o' london hippy-hooligan blast since th'deviants ptoof(this obvious overstatement must somehow include AMM/sam gopal/third world war),its real people on th'cusp o' showbiz goin' for their dream,their approximation o' communication,street level cantankerous beatnik shenanigans o' th'first order...comatose in dark,dank'n dirty corners or reachin' for th'end zone with space rock(hawkwind had some influence on steves outlook with floaty electronics,th'type o' wasted noise del detmar/dikmik were churnin' out for th'early 'wind)...although not planned as any sorta commercial release back in th'day these tunes hang together nicely,makin' it all a hazy dreamscape,after a few spins this takes on a weird life o' its own,seemin'ly goin' where it pleases,th'list'ner has no control,th' remarkable power o''groveness',th'communal vibe reachin' out down th'years...cats who dig th'basement style o' freeform,plug in'n sees what happens way o' doin' things gonna dig this th'most,a stoned blast o' mind melt,a one way ticket to th'ever elusive 'otherside'...


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