Monday'transformation from boozer to acid disciple seemed to happen overnight with eric, one moment gluggin' down alcohol with a hell hound close on his trail,th'next he's groovin' in th'glades with a goodly dose o' sandoz floatin' through his system enablin' th'visions to arise'n blow his mind...with this LP eric was gettin' hep to th'new world that was takin' shape, th'psychedelic vibe was spreadin' fast, no longer would he visit th'house down new orleans way, he was loved up'n feelin' spaced out groovy...sitars twang,violins scrape, overlaid vocals, modal jammin' all crop up givin' th'requisite wig liftin' experience, church organs/gregorian chant(like th'yardbirds but more stoned,more intense)start a real doom laiden tune,sorta edgar allen poe on a bum trip...what is obvious after a few listens is th'stone solid fact that erics trips were many'n varied, some takin' him places he may not have wished to visit, bit th'experience was not lost, he didn't panic'n flip out completely, never to return like a certain habitue o' cambridge...eric joined th'dots to make an alternative blissed world that would run in amongst th'cubes from squaresville, subvertin' th'cats to th'wobbly zone where it was all cool strobe lights whilst lyin' on a bed o' flowers that would never in th'21st century all a cats gotta do is take a toke or two'n spin this wax'n its th'summer o' love once more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, you have sum superb sound quality stuff. Thanks. I can delete the mono 128 kbs crap I had before.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cannot find the link great music by the looks of it

10:47 AM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

run th'cursor along th'penultimate line, all will be revealed

12:15 PM  

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