...a continuation o' erics earlier voyage into acid burble that started on 'winds o' change', his adherence to all things groovy just kept on keepin' on, tryin'to show th'new ways o' thinkin'n bein',leavin' th'square world behind for good...explorin' th'inner spaceways that he had so long tried to destroy with th'boozin',he discovered th'wonderment that was within th'human psyche'n without,th'worlds within worlds...more than a few rock-snobs have put these psychedelic joints down as naive'n not up to standard(whatever that might be)but th'truth is as it seems,eric was on a mission like no other rock star o' th' times, he really wanted th'populace to turn on'n dig th' scene,dig th'vibrations that surround all right thinkin' heads,to be groovy'n spread th'positive vibes, venture into th'never endin' trip in th'search for some 'truth'...stereo pannin'/effects litter th'tunes'n make for a cool listen that stand up now'n forever more...


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