...this nicely formed biscuit is an amalgamation o' th'best tunes from chi's first two LPs that hit th'racks back at th'beginnin' o' th'seventies when it all looked bright'n rosy for her,every cat was seemin'ly fallin' over themselves givin' chi props, her star was in th'ascendancy, no two ways about it...records on th'hit parade ensured her name was makin'th'rounds, radio/newspapers all wanted a piece o' this new talent,a female singer/writer/piano player was good copy in th'wake o' carole king/joni mitchell who themselves were makin'big noises with th'newly emergin' post hippy/post vietnam funky young adults...made up from funky propulsive grooves'n some non-sappy ballads, its a mixture o' jazzy adult pop with gospel tendencies, sorta more sophisticated/urban bonnie bramlett/rita coolidge...after this disc was released in about '75 she found herself in not so big demand,such is th'nature o' fame,an audience that was more appreciative in europe made itself known'n so off she went to find her true home for th'art she was givin' out...worth a few spins thats for sure...


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