...first show at th'fillmore east in '68 see's th'dead layin' down an intense mojo storm o' heavy distorted bohemian blooz direct from th'LSD swamp, this biscuit is one mind zoomin' jam that dont let go,it blasts into freaksville'n stays there pumpin' out th'smokey'hand held tape is muddy'n blurr'd'n that suits(adds to) this explosion o' atoms'n nucleus,its like when th'cream played in detroit in 67,an apocalyptic onslaught o' drug damage,even dr.benway aint this far out,its th'sound o' skin bein' sucked inside th'bones,th'worlds collapse into blarein' chromium meltin' patterns with no hope o' returnin' to'insides o' a cats head gonna turn to mush,th'ticket has been purchased for th'last train to gonesville,no return destination,mixin' who style heavy metal,jimi acid screach,MC5 fireworks'n smearin' it all over their already messed up owsley informed R&B has created a HOTCHA train wreck o' 1968 riot torn noise, this is th'inner cities on fire,napalmed children callin' in th'newscasts from capitalism central...cats who dig th'grunge sound o' third generation,batteries liable to go at any moment style underground recordin's gonna flip on this example o' 'in th'zone',livin' th'moment vibe provided here...whats really cool about whats happ'nin is th'dead get movin'with 'feedback' as well as end with it,in between they launch into some 'heavy air' jams, goin' into overdrive, crashin' th'gears through th'floor like neal cassady on th'one last ride to terminal city,'th'futures uncertain, but th'end is always near'?...all th'combo get to let loose'n interweave as is a groovy dead experience but this is added to with a nervous edge o' amphetamine paranoia that uptight cities like NY can bring on,especially back in th'day before homogeneous liberal mind control took complete hold o' th'squares...any cat who knows th'dead're more than a soundtrack to a weekend hippy lifestyle will dig this hour o' blurry ballroom damage,'n then some...


Anonymous Huggy said...

I love this blog but having to find that hidden link is incredibly annoying, bordering on childish.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really smoking HOT!

1:12 AM  

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