Saturday o' th'mysteries o' th'rocknroll world over th'last 3 decades has got to be why th'screamers never got round to puttin' any wax out,every no hoper got some crud or other on th'market if'n it was only pressed in limited quantities,some kinda sound momento o' their existance was preserved(deserved or not),but th'screamers were passed by,th'glorious path to riches'n ruination were somehow not shown on th'guide to rockinnrollin'...this is rather strange as they were early on th'scene in LA'n their brand o' rockin' was somewhat different in that they didn't employ string weapons,they were keyboard dominated'n this gives them, lookin back,a distinctly post punk sound(in 1977)...also theres a art damaged herky-jerky feel,although in no way a new-wave sound,definitely could not be classed as pop,not in this dimension,th'sound is much more desperate,th'sound o' neon nights in hollywood alleys where th'garbage people hang out,th'noise from th'end o'time,from a black hole in th'vast endless space that surrounds th'dreamers (cats who saw th'original 1976 ultavox early gigs might recognise this messy futuristic blare,though on a spiky-punky extreme,a flipped out early devo,maybe)...thats why this double disk collection o' screamer racket is a top artifact o' punked-out electronic squelchin' noise that all adventurous ears will need to get ahold o',made up o' four separate gigs taped durin' their heyday year 1978'n some demos from th'previous year,its all deliriously demented from start to amphetamine shock-wave that just dont stop,contaminated with angel dust,a hallucinogenic wonderwall o'future-primitive tribal beats clangin' through th'californian nightmare...from deep within their fevered imaginations come tunes about eva braun/twiggy/sex boys/magazine love plus other fine swill includin' a boss version o' sonny/cher 'beat goes on',a fine rockin' anthem if ever there was one...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that I'm a punk but I love this group. A big Thank You!

Psyence Guy

7:15 PM  

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