...this is jackie gettin' a funky groove on at th'back end o' 68,just in time for th'newly emergin' singer/writer phenomenon(th'fact that she had been such an artiste since th'late 50s didn't matter-this was new territory)...this is jackie 'grown up',no longer bein' seen as an irrelevant perveyor o' teenpop/MOR songstress, jackie reachin' for a new audience that might be waitin' for a new sound...bein' on an old fashion label(liberty)didn't help her get this audience, they had no idea how to market this new style so it all came to nothin'(she had a minor hit with th' bands big deal tune(th'weight)but otherwise...)...with th' brilliant illuminatin' vision o' hindsight she shoulda gone to warner bros who were gettin' some kind market space with randy newman/van dyke parks(though they couldn't shift any o' parks wax they still wanted him on th'label,they tried their upmost with him), but all this dont take away th'stone cold fact this is some barefoot funky stew that needs to be heard by all heads that dig th' strong'n mellow vibes that were happ'nin' round'bout this time,th'get back vibe that was gettin' stronger since th'tapes from big pink had started gettin' widely circulated...a top spin'n goes well with th'carole king joint(th'city) that was out th'same time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I check you blog regularly and most often I don't have the opportunity to download anything because your eclectic taste too closely mirrors my own; and I have a large record and CD collection. I don't know how many people would sandwich The Screamers between two Jackie DeShannon albums... but kudos on the site and I'm sure your making some weirdoes somewhere very happy.

Take care,
Tom Wheeler

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

many thanks for this resurrection

12:18 AM  

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