...somewhat forgotten now'n thats a drag for th'unbeknowin' cos this is one expansive double wax o' cooled out funk/moody lounge/gospel/swampy grooves that hangs in th'air real nice, it just insinuates its way into whatever vibe may be happ'nin' around it, takin' over to be right for th' moment whether it was intended or takes a few spins to get th' full juice outta it, not every trk makes th' grade first time round but it sure can get addictive if a cat wants it that way...booker t jones'n priscilla coolidge put this out when they got hitched back in th'early 70s'n cats wantin' some green onions might be a tad outta luck but any heads needin' some slow delta funk will be right in th'turnip patch mashin' th' moonshine'n comin' up with th'goods...recorded just outside o' deliverance this is a 'real' recordin' by entertainment cats(heres another 'music biz' weird thing,booker t. had to leave stax cos they treated him as an employee, ho hum, th'squares just dont get it or just plain don't care) gettin' real with their position in th'great tomorrow society that was bein' built by th' comin' earhshoe brigade, th' whole earth catalog shenanigans that was tryin' to get a new capitalism on th' go, subvert madison avenue dollars to 'worthier' recipients...any cats diggin' th'choogle put out by delaney&bonnie/joe cocker mad dogs/rita coolidge first 2 wax/neil young/billy preston round th'turn o'69/70 will get a strong buzz o' this,its perfect with a bottle o' red'n reefer on a lazy evenin' while th'wild dogs sleep...


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