...flipper put out some o' th'most temporal distorted mind swill that aint really been beat, even to this day th'sound they put down some thirty years back still holds up,a intoxicatin' mixture o' bad-trip acid rock,droned-out sludge metal, all punched through with a needle damaged punkrock charge...a lotta later combos play heavier/louder more distorted sounds but they don't have th'barroom beatnik 'get-up-&-play'vibe that just pours off prime fillets o' flipper,with nowaday combos th'sound is more clean cut in its distortion,more generic,less abrasive,even with all th'techy induced noise or more to th' point cos o' it (flipper were right when they called their first LP joint GENERIC,very prescient)...what we got here with'blow'n chunks' is a funky documentation o' flippers trek through th'right coast o' uncle sams land in '83,th'audience gets cavalcades o' mountainous gunky sloop poured on them without let up,they're bombarded with relentless gutter noise until they submit to th'greater will'n art'n bein' that is FLIPPER...does th'rag-tag bunch o' various onlookers'n curiosity seekers enjoy th'band?do th'band enjoy th'audience?th'answer to that'n many other questions remains buried in th'sub-concsious vague memories o'times now lost...hear th'merky grumble o'worlds collapsin' before its too late...


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