...very interestin' LP from david stoughton, released in 68 on th' then worthwhile elektra label,a sorta folkrock/avant doodle blowout...some strains o' tim buckley round'bout 'hello goodbye' in th' arrangements with wind instruments paintin' th' back drop givin' this a bit o' musicianship as opposed to some hippy airy-fairyness that often happens with late six-oh joints in this category...theres a theatricality to some o' this but aint no way this got anything to do with th' theatre(that would be enough to turn any cat off,in fact it aint really folk rock either, thats just a lazy handle for th'moment),sound collages're happenin' on about half th'trx which puts this into that rarefied strata,not easily catagorised'n all th'better for it...heads that dig th'adventurous wax, but not th'clever-clever overbearin' type that really says nothin' will get a buzz here, a friendly groove thats welcome'n gives pleasure on repeated spins...


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