...bill's first foray into th'recordin' world courtesy o' that redoubtable outfit o' weirded out business cats ESP-Disk,what other record company could put this on th'market in 1965'n know they were doin' th'right thing?(broadside bein' too liberal to be consider'd worthy o' bill's work,he wouldn't dig those 'commie' cats at all)...th'really cool thing about bill is he's equally aware o' hicksville as he is HEPsville,th'squares dont faze him like th'radical chic don't or th'wigged out jazzbo,they're all part o' th'same game,their purpose in life is very similar,all part o' th'same dream trip called reality that bills always tried to see through since he first let loose...he was distainful o' th'tax man th'same as he was neal cassady moochin' gas money for his extended 'on th'move' roadtrips,both sides o' th'same coin which is taken advantage o' by th'oppressor, who divides'n rules without no problem,th'same families in charge around th'planet that bein ruinin' it for centuries,a definite conspiracy perpetrated by alien mind-forms...actually taped in paris at th'then hip 'english bookshop',bill gets busy with routines outta soft machine/naked lunch/nova express,all great fun'n fulla insight into th'condition o' th'all prevailin' condition,all is snafu/th'whole thang is grindin' along, burroughs sees it all,nothing escapes his attention...bill channels th'madness surroundin' every cat'n spews it out in a way that gives up th'truth,th'remedy that must be administer'd with precision at all times, list'nin'n gettin th'word from bill,its like th'junk life-line that comes on,a cats gotta know whats happ'nin' to stay one step ahead,gotta stay with IT...th'trip burroughs lays down is one that aint gonna leave none too soon,this is FOREVER,beyond th' vagaries o' fashion in all its forms,th'basics o' bill's work come from a thousand years o' human (mis)endeavour'n sneaky underhand stool pigeons rollin' drunks on th'uptown express...best list'ned to after scorin' some hep disposition'n duckin' out when th'law was called...


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