...second pearls waxin' again released via ESP-Disk,its their anti-war missive comin' as it did in th'year o' th'barricades,1968,but this aint no shoutin'n pokin' fun slap in th'face like country joe/fish,its much more considered'n obtuse...startin' with a recordin' o' some old cat who'd been in th'crimean war back in th'1850s'n th'penultimate endin' with florence nightingale also from that fracas,so this aint no ordinary anti LBJ diatribe...whispered background vocals,tinklin'bells,wood/wind all combine to produce a fine canvas for tom to lay down his ideas with his soft dark melancholy vocals,there weren't too much soundin' like this back in th'day'n not so much today,though some undoubtably try to get near th'essence o' what makes this LP such a dusty garret experience,a late night ponderation on th'state o' things...beautiful'n pastorial yet doomed,floatin' effortless with hope but recognisin' th'sad knowledge that mankind will one day exist only in legends wrapped in a faraway universe...'only the dead have seen the end of war' was quoted on th'sleeve note, not one thing makes that any less true right now...


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