...third wax from th'devies'n their last has always been seen as a bit o' a let down,they were on th'verge o' implodin' or at least gettin' rid o'singer/leadin' light, mick farren'n this LP was th'result o' too many drugs in th'last 3 years,it all came to a fizzlin' halt...th'trx kinda sound as if they were throw aways or stuff that wasn't deemed worthy off puttin' on th'preceedin' two disks...th'smash'n crash that rumbled'n roared on th'others wasn't present,it was somewhat anonymous'n that's not good for an unparalleled attack unit like this...its not a complete wipe out'n on th'right stimulants its a pile o' good fun,but th'reality o'th'situation is it cant really be compared to th'others,if anythin' its a stop gap to th'pink fairies never neverland...


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