...by 1968 more than a few heads were becomin' disenchanted with th'counter cultures lack o' real positive vibes,th'acid flirtation had run its course with many'n they started turnin on with methedrine to get a charge,to amp up th'buzz'n spend time in a hazey rush...to get th'most off a hit they started usin' th'needle, thereby gettin' an immediate hit,th'use-once-throw-away hypo came very in vogue'n those purveyors o' bad taste th'deviants weren't slow in noticin'this change in drug habits'n called their second wax,disposable,named after said paraphernalia(also another nod to th'wasteful consumer society they hated)...more comfortable for cats who dig some musical type vibes,where th'whole thing is more linear,but theres plenty o' deviant malarkey to keep wasters'n hooligans satisfied...some o' th'musical bits're supplied by havin' horns backin up th'tunes a coupla times but this dont really interfere,this aint no jazz rock,its a deviant barrage but not an all out assault like ptooff!,still plenty o'guitar noise'n drum thump,echoed vocal callin' th' tribes for a revolution(or at th'very least loot th'supermarket)...an extremely cool pummel o' underground swill just ready to shake up th'senses'n set th'city on fire,a shreik from th'amphetamine basement...


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