...fantastic splurge o' bills cut ups,routines,some jajouka recordin's with ornette coleman, all pullin' together to make a fairly free flowin'earfull...a good place to start for th'burroughs novice as well as cats down with th'bard o' beatsville,for th'newly arrived list'nin'to bill drone on is th'best way to get to grips with th'world view he has formulated over many long years o' involvement with th'agents o' oppression,for longstandin' admirers,well its bill...th'first trk is thirteen minutes o'bill readin' with outside information cut in at various points,very tasty'n a great way to start this compilation,with trk2 followin'up with bill tellin' about how th'cut ups started with brion gysin at th'beat hotel in paris...bill talks o' bein' part o' th'40s junk culture'n recites an incantation to reverse a curse,some more cut ups with imput from TV/radio/telephone plus sound collages...undoubtably one o' th'startin' points for todays modernist 'blink'n ya missed it' culture but much, so much more for any cats diggin for th'truth...


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