...its gotta be said, th'truth must be told, th'solid gospel that th' known is based on, th'knowledge that this joint from way back in 65 is th' best utterance that this cat ever issued forth'n put down for all interested parties...his later fusion type blather might be good, even great for what it is but this explosions biscuit is th' sound o' th'urban landscape,all th'claustrophobic paranoia that surrounds every thinkin' bein' on th' roam...this is movement, perhaps random, perhaps thought out, always seemin'ly in th' right place givin' texture,buildin' on what went before, cause'n effect...bob james'n th'cats(includin' a coupla avant garde types on some electric computer bleeps'n blips/drones)get down with th'free jazz blowout that was happ'nin' in NYC at th' time(albert ayler/sonny murray etc)with bob givin' his piano a proper set to with scrapin' th' strings, plinkin'n stabbin', really gettin inside th' instrument, to take it all further...drums clatter'n bang with forceful abandon, glad to break out from any precise timin' that might give constriction to th' eternal self, th'bass lays down an ever changin' backdrop that comes forward with avant noodles when necessary to interrupt earlier thoughts with new expressions, just like th' big city with its chaotic'tape collagin' works in well,interminglin' with th'out jazzbo groove that's perculatin just fine, hittin' th' spot with some left field'trio's version o' hep-outness-free-spirit jazz may touch th'modern list'ner as slightly professorial when up against some other works on th'ESP-Disk imprint(surely th'greatest label ever,that aint really no exaggeration when th' whole catalog is viewed with an eye for th'way forward, who else was gettin' this kinda gubbins on th' market with th' sole purpose o' havin' it heard, no other agenda, it is what it is'n always will be th' bench mark for unpretentious art, an art that far outstrips any'n all competition that may stray into th'fields o' exploration o' HEPness)but that thought may be changed within a spin or two...lightness o' touch in some places gives th' list'ner time to reflect on some o' th' more chaotic parts, just like an early evenin' sojourne from th' days batterin that th' crowded metroplis can lay on th' more sensitive cats out in th' wilderness o' th' concrete jungle, where capitalist ambush is waitin' for th' next mark to come down th' pike...a top earfull o' solid jams, th' type o' which aint made anymore,which is one reason jazz today as a music is just part o' th' enterainment industry its worthiness to enrich seems to have disappeared, been swallowed by th' corporate miasma...grab th'train to th' hearts o' gonesville'n groove with some medative mind tappin'...a slight aside that may be o' interest to certain parties is th'cool fact th'artwork was put together by jay dillon from th'ever groovy godz...


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gnu to me and i likes it aaaalot. tanks!

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