...righteous cosmic hippy shenanigans from bobby brown,th'first o' three long play joints he managed to release in th'early seventies on his own label...its kinda like a down market tim buckley,durin' th'latters starsailin' days(much less jazzy though)with an array o' home made instruments'n a six octave voice...carl wilson from th'beach boys was heard to utter 'incredible but it wont sell' when he first came within earshot o' th'disk'n he was right on both counts...side two is played as is,live,no overdubs,just bobby reachin' out to th'beyond with feet pumpin' th'pedals'n fingers all over th'keyboards'n shakin' shakers plus anything else he can grasp...this is very much in th'loner stoner vibe with bobby ramblin' in th'sleeve notes about th'religious knowledge'n understandin' o' future physics that at th'time o' writin' only he had access to(as we see we're dealin' with a HIGHer consciousness's unbridled ego,this is tempered somewhat by th'note that he's available for parties,no doubt on other planets)...may take a few spins to get th'juice outta this but one thing is certain,he's real,he had belief in himself,whether he's a rich-kid hippy or not is hard to make out(possibly is),but he does have love for th'human race'n round about this part o' kooksville thats a fine thing...possibly one o' a few select waxin's that can truly be called groovy(in a non-commercial or trite way),this has good vibes pourin' off,a cats just gotta get receptive'n th'magic cloud will appear to drift away with...a definite mystical other vibe happ'nin',a oneness with himself in a post beatnik,not new age way,this is too wobbly for new age,much more in a 'vision-from-th'gone-world' style,th'idea that jack kerouac might agree with this statement is open to debate,probably depended on how much beer kerouac had imbibed, but this dont deminish th'fact that bobby has intimate understandin' o' th'gone world,a tripped out cat from th'furthest reaches o' th'ENDZONE who has th'answer,at least one anyhow...


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