...1966 has come to be seen by some culture watchers as th'pivotal year in pop'n its nearest affiliates,movies/theatre,th'beatles were makin'pop into art with revolver,antonioni redefines th'murder mystery through judicious use o' th'NOW,freeform pop image as seen through th'fresh eyes o' th'young in 'blow up'...AMM have started makin'th'avant garde accessible to th'beatnik thinkers who dig dylans poetry'n want some sound that has to be deciphered'n more importantly lived,an AMM gig(few'n far between though they were)was something to be involved in,th''music' was experienced full on,th'stutterin crashin cacophony had to be reassembled in th'head to find a distorted hypnotic buzz...by th'followin year a bunch o'layabout drug takers from london who'd taken to callin' themselves th'social deviants were doin' gigs wherever they could find a bookin''n makin' a loud mangled amphetamine crazed garage R&B freakout noise that just about annoyed all th'squares'n quite a few pop-snobs...they decided it was time'n would be fun to make a record'n bein'turned down by all legitimate record companies found themselves a rich young kid to finance them through an independent label(underground impersarios)...th'said wax appeared in 68'n was called ptooff!(popart),housed in a giant comic style spash sleeve that could double as wall poster,was a mixture o' all that was goin' on around them,cut-up cinema verity collages/garage rock choogle with plenty o' guitar screech(th'first trk(i'm comin'home) is a rewrite o' th''gloria' words)/a blooz rock extermination assault/attacks on consumer society/pig hatred,a general narcotic mess all delivered with 'stoned to th'bone' street level confidence,it was a pure case o' 'goin' in'n doin'th'job'...dangerous to th'point that it showed that cats could go their own way,th'route was open for th'adventurer to find their own expressive selves...


Blogger Anast├ício Soberbo said...

Hello, I like the blog.
It is beautiful.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from Portugal

2:10 AM  

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