...first solo long play joint from th'female preacher,one o' james browns most expressive vocalists,at home on doo-wop/patented JB funk/soul testafyin' or just some good ol' downhome funk cut with a bucket o' week old chicken, in other words this sista had it goin' on righteously...she cools out nicely on some moody gal group R&B, trips out with some updated HEP souljazz shuffle,fingerpoppin' stuff,stoned to th'bone...th'whole wax is one flipped out ride on th'soul train to georgia-G.A,in fact this disk is so cool'n groovy that JB put it out on one o' his subsidaries ensurin' it reached as few o' th'dominant culture-vulture record biz types as possible so she wouldn't get offered a solo career'n leave his revue, james was no-one fool(except his own)...from a whisper to a scream this is steppin' out in style in th'moonlight,mid summer in th'city,everything is fine'n funky, just rollin' with th'flow, gettin' th'groove'n movin' on...uptown or outta town, cats just gotta get on down...


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