...pearls before swine,one o' th'greatest combos from th'hippy years,mainly th'vision o' tom rapp(with floatin' personel as time went by)were signed originally to ESP-Disk thereby signifyin' their worthiness as all ESP wax is o' very high import(even th'play thing they put out)...legend has it th'incarnate pearls,down in their hometown o' florida got enough bread together to press up some demos o' their tunes'n send them out to various possibly interested parties,one o' which bein' th'aformentioned ESP-Disk...said demo disk was o' very low sound quality,almost inaudible but there was enough presense'n mystery to make th'heads at ESP offer to bring them to NYC'n lay down some tuneage at th'IMPACT SOUND studio(aka,ESP laboratories)'n so born was th'debut' ONE NATION UNDERGROUND, a marvellous concoction o' wobbly ethereal folkiness mixed in with some avant moves(morse code blips/bleeps,ocillators)...its a strange sound, almost (on a budget)baroque in places,as autoharps,celeste,banjo,finger cymbals get busy with garage band organ noise all swimmin' in a vat o' fine sunshine acid,if'n richard farina hadn't took his bike ride he'd quite possibly gone in this direction as he was fine tunein' his own brand o' mountain dew urban folk in early 66,no problem seein' him get groovy on th'LSD'n gettin''arrangements aint no standard folk rock pop,more off centre, a hauntin' beauty pervades th'work,a thin web o' otherness surrounds th'list'ner,at once removin' reality from th'physical plane,shiftin' time into a meltin' flow o' gauseian haziness, a calm decends bringin' inner peace for a few fleetin' moments...unlike some,this wax aint lost one iota o' poetic power'n beauty in th'four decades o' its existance,as quietly stunnin' as it ever was...


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