...th'date is march 19,1966'n th'dead're still down in LA,convertin' th'plastic people with more acid test weirdness,positin' their mutated R&B directly into an evenin' o' high mind disolvin' madness,yesterday was long ago,visions were appearin' that had not been seen by so many in one place since th'olde tymes,long before present history took shape...this set,plagued with PA troubles sees th'dead gettin' into some elastic jammin',endeavors in temporal study prove meaninless as stationary become full speed,though a sense o' motion is experienced through a cushion o' soft all encompassin' bubbles...a major disturbance o' th'air has never been so pleasant, such wonderment was only in fairy tales, surely this couldn't be happenin' in th'home o' th'proporganda factory,th'land that sent out th'messages to th'squares tellin' them how to behave,what to buy'n what to desire...th'dead were spreadin' a new bohemian vibration,equally forties R&B/fifties layabout beatnik/sixties (new new camelot) hope, down in th'home o' th'downpressor, slippin' through th'door o' entertainment...some o' th'chat from th'cats(even th'moanin' about th'PA) shows they're enjoyin' bein' in th'band,livin'th'extended possibilties that had been shown when they went to see'hard days night' 18 months earlier,its still a cool buzz to think how many combos got th'word from one exposure to that movie, th'byrds'n th'airplane to name two...owsley is in charge o' th'sound'n no doubt he's experimentin' with patterns as things disappear/appear but this aint so noticeable for th'present day list'ner with years o' illicit tape airin's,its all part o' th'way it happens, now often unconscious(dig th'banter at th'end o' trk7)...this truly is a wonderful disk to get a groove on with,th'dead're in th'room as well as in th'zone,a wholly digable thang, if there ever was one...


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