...recordin's made around th'winter o'63 in various beatnik holes on grant avenue where th'layabouts hung out groovin' on ol'time country blues,still hung over from th'folk revival...janis is accompanied by different cats but mainly th'show,even at this early stage belongs to her,wailin' out like some undiscovered blooz singer from th'nineteen twenties...hopped up on some good mexican reefer janis is connectin' with th'ghosts from long gone hazy days,comin' on like an ol' victrola shellac come to life,breathin' existance'n new meanin' into songs that had been lost for 30years(or till harry smith got busy)...cats who've heard some early janis will wanna dig this'n cats who ain't got down with this period're gonna flip at how good it is,these jams're real,not phony'n polite folk warblin'...


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