...a solid stoned groove, funky jams emanatin' from these LA country rocker types who individually been scufflin' round in th'turtles/burritos/strangers when they hooked up for this reefer'd R&B blowout...dig th'cats hangin' out with 'em: dr.john/leon russell/booker t./sneaky pete plus th'blackberries doin' some fine as wine vocalization, it cant go wrong'n indeed it dont, it stays th'course rockin' out some laid back finger poppin' tunes...late night beer soaked missives from th'bar just outside o' town,th'place where th'hipsters from round th'block hang out, th'jook joint for th'unrepentant beatnik that refuses th'come on from th'TEEVEEland o' squaresville...there aint no filler, just genuine killer low down blooze, dusty'n dirty, rough'n ready goin' for th'one...all th'cats diggin' each other,gettin' this gumbo simmerin', smearin' th'whole shebang with some day old grease, a narcotic brew just right for consumption by all midnight moonlight HEPsters...


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