...heavy stew o' funky jazz rock choogle that just keeps on poundin' away,keepin' th'groove goin',reachin' for th'untouchable essence o' th'pure hepnacious noodle...recorded in 69 just about th'time mclaughlin was hookin' up with miles for some sonic exploration into th'future-jazz-boogie,devotion features larry young on organ(dig him on th'tony williams LP),buddy miles who was movin' in hendrix orbit after th'electric flag broke up,on th'traps'n jerry goodman(flock'n disco junk)on th'fiddle...this is one direction th'by now lumberin'blooze-rock heavy combos coulda gone in,total mind-fryin' jazzbo grooves,but that wasn't to be,this style o'jazzrock became either too complicated'n sterile,or completely smooth,all th'rough edges polished down to oblivion...cats who dig th'bitches brew will flip on this,a total buzz from end2end...


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