...ALERT to all doubtin' hepcats,this disc put out by a legit(hendrix family affiliated) record company is actually very listenable,an obvious exploito release, but it holds together,doesn't wear out its welcome at all,could actually be looked at as a planned release by jimi(with certain amount o' polish,jimi wasn't scared o' technology,he used it,wasn't used by it)...this is jimi,buddy miles,billy cox gettin' their groove on for th'gigs they were to do at at th'end o' 69 at th'NYC fillmore as th'band o'gypsys'n as such had th'three concentratin' on a song based rehearsal,not just jammin',not gettin' out there with trance riffin',this is workin' up a show for an evenin' o' cool runnin's...with th'successful outcome o' th'canadian drug bust set up(designed by outsider forces o' oppression to take another soul brother down,a hippy brother who believed in universal freedom'n th'power o' good vibes),jimi was buzzin'n wanted to get to some basic hard rock blooz,nothin' too fancy,in fact this was kinda like jimi 'gettin back' to before this whole star trip shenanigans started,just groovin' in a up-to-date club style,rollin'n tumblin' through th'years...a fine release'n a cool lead up to gettin' down to diggin' that marvellous band o'gypsys box set o' fillmore east jams...


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