...recorded over th'69/70 time period,steve hangin' with paul rudolf'n twink in a coupla london studios,3 trx for twinks'think pink''n some demos o' four tunes from'twink vehicles're on th'psychy shambolic side,nice'n wobbly as expected,with steves bein' spazz'd-out acoustic numbers,that takes a cat back to those tripped out nights at th'middle earth club,a stoned buzz comin' right off th'wax,a hep bongs worth o'grooves with that streak o'meloncholic madness that takes tooky's work into th'higher stratosphere o' london town looners,hooligan bohemia comes slidin' along'n creeps up when least expected...


Blogger frumious bandersnatch said...

There's an interesting controversy about this record. Read here :

Fascinating freakout, nonetheless...

Thank you!

2:46 PM  

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