...monte cazazza first come to prominence on th'underground scene when he hooked up with throbbin' gristle in around 1977'n produced some images 'purportin' to be th'execution o' gary gilmore,it was just cosey/gen/monte strapped in chairs lookin' like they were ready to be offed,it got shown on some square media'n a few t-shirt sales ensued so theres alwyays a bit o' bread to be made hoodwinkin' th'gullibles...he'd been makin' a nuisance o' himself since th'early seventies with various 'art' shenanigans' n small press magazines'n then th'throbs allowed him some time to produce a coupla singles in th'late 70 which're included on this compilation o' various gubbins from past exploits...some o' th'later trx aint so cool bein' a bit on th'synthy pop side but no doubt he annoyed some cats with even that venture so who's to know, its all worth a list'n or two...confrontational art terrorism in pop is commonplace nowadays,havin' reached saturation point some time back,bein' devalued to th'extent that it is easily assimilated to be part o' th'capitalistic way o' business life,possibly this will upset some liberals'n politically 'correct' phonies who will be uptight with this so maybe its even better than we could hope for...


Anonymous mr dray said...

i been hunting this for years

got to mom on mothers day on vinyl when it came out and been after that and candy man for loooooooooong

many thanks oh divine saviour

12:58 PM  

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