...there's enough squeak'n squonk on this platter to satisfy any acid head, even th'most jaded, so much so that any cat not diggin' this slop need to get outta town this instant, get outta dodge city cos th'free clinic is handin' out some hotcha drugnacious tabs in th'form o' vermonster, this is th'ticket to get a move on-get a groove'vocals got a massive stoned punk sound'n vibe puttin' th'investigative cat to a notion this is in a deviants/fairy landscape which is top swillage indeed with any head who knows th'score...lurchin' three legged drum patterns add to th'disorientation o' th' trip, sorta part cyclical/trance moves like group 1850s 'trip to mother earth' wax, part primo wiggy floydian beats'n sometimes its just wobbly off kilter abouncin' in a spazzed out rubber room...a free(k)form frenzy on gloop flights o' mystical floatation...buzzin'n scapin' through 40 minutes o' air disturbance - a sonic bomb'n boom constantly rearrangin' molecules into untried patterns, patterns o' hallucinatory realism, movin' unbalanced in a imbalanced sphere...escape to th'twilight zone for a trip approved by rod serling himself if he coulda gotten free from TEEVEEland...mind altered choogle for th' long trip to th' other side, break on through with th'spirit o' yma, nothin' to lose but th'chains o' homogeneous broke down society...jump start th'grey matter with this pinacle effort o' chemical splatter, long voyages to beyond th'distant shores o' th' bubblin' mind soup, get th'GONE perspective, after this only yesterday is certain...undo th' rivets o' conformity'n fly to th' summit, to th'peaks o' th' world'n ever onward, dont look back, even for a second...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

with a great wigged out review like this who needs to even hear the music? seriously love this blog...... i'm guessing the title is a reference to yma sumac who herself claimed to spiritually be a [?mayan] queen...


1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

duh - ignore my comment above, just noted the album featured on the cover ...of course its sumac!


1:30 PM  
Blogger sotise said...

incredible....timeless, mercy>>>MERCY

6:27 PM  

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