Saturday things for sure with this platter'n that it belongs in a time'n space only visited by a select didn't hook up with many back in 68'n really it doesn't connect with too many today cos it's just outsider music in th'true sense o' th'word...this is outside cos it aint inside'n if to be inside means to be part o' somethin'n the only thing this is part o' is stands alone 'n apart as a true expression o' avant-theater full o' frozen moments that refuse to fade once they have been glimpsed'n their power unleashed...all set to crisp stark'n dark dronin' folk noises that move in circular fashion from an unknown mystical europe from a time yet to become known...written by nico'n arranged by cale this is th'reverse o' th' velvets coin or indeed th' value is higher than a velvets disk, knocked out by th'true artists in th' combo'n not th' exploito/opportunist faction...also an interestin' note that somehow fits in with this whole otherworld/times-unknown vibe is th'producer, one frazier mohawk (real name o' barry friedman which somehow doesn't fit th' picture), did some schoolin' in his formative years in a gaff run by aldous huxley, another true outsider...


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