...with this desertshore joint,nicos third wax, she enter'd deeper into cavernous otherworlds she had been sinkin' toward for some considerable time,into th'uncontrolled subterranean feelin's that can submit a human to desperation...its old world cabaret meets future-time-folk in th'basements o' 42nd street where everythings for sale at a price that may eventually be too much, safety is gone, illusions o' safety crush with th' nightmare morbidity that is common currency...avant europe meets junkies dronin' for a fix, lookin'for another ride to a better place...john cale helps out keepin' th'lessons learnt in th'early sixties in th'avant circles o' NYC with some free expression thrown around addin' to th'chilly atmosphere thats chokin' to be does go a bit hippy with th'allowin' o' her small son to sing a ditty but its in keepin' with th' times, it helps define th' moment this LP was conceived'n bought to fruition...journey to th'end o' th'world with nico, take her hand'n wash in her tears for this will surely cleanse th' soul...


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