...second volume o' crazed early throb noise,racket from th'dead zone,music indeed from th'death factory,th'wreckers o' civilization had come to assault th'ears o' anyone who was near...sounds for th'collapse o' society,1984 in '76,coseys guitar stranglin',genesis bashin' his bass'n squealin' on th'violin with occasional shoutin' plus treatments from sleazy'n chris make this a stew to be waded through by all adventurous'n right thinkin'cats...back in th'day this was undoubtably progressive swill for cats who didn't know they liked that type o' music, sounds that would creep up from behind'n give th' noggin' a right enjoyed when least expected...

...diggin' this throbs tape o' early work a cat can easily see th'gristle as some kinda missin' link between progrock/DADA(or at least annoyance in th'name o' ART)/D.I.Y space rock/th'sound o' tomorrow,take from that what ya will,they may well have been th'consumate rockin'prog outfit o' all time...this tape o' throb-natious swill comes from studio experiments durin' 76'n its all here;pink floyd style jammin'from 69/70(th'best years o' th'second incarnation o' floydianess)//hawkind bad acid journeyin',floatin'around some dirty squat high on bath-tub psychedelix//some twisted riffin' like CAN were rockin'out with,theres kraut rock vibes in th'throb-groove but it aint necessarily a conscious part,more due to chris carter bein' a bit on th'muso side than anything GEN.P would be thinkin'about...theres some live stuff but it mostly sounds more in th'studio live than a proper stage appearance which have been documented fairly well over th'years...side one cuts off rather sudden which aint too cool cos that riffin' was goin' on'n on, blastin' away,anyhow th'other side gets off to some genesis verbiage then onto creakin' space rock, which would really getta floyd'fan' down with its trancey repition,which is something to be appreciated even now,th'floyd just wern't cuttin it after dark side,this is th'sorta junk they shoulda been doin',this could be like they were at th'london free school' in 66, jammin' with AMM (it woulda been a total blast if th'floyd were knockin' this noise out durin' punk,there'd be some awkward journalistic turns in th'english music papers,melody maker wouldn't have a clue where to start,this is really up syd's alley,easy to see him groovin' on this trip)'second side also ends abruptly...this is for all cats who might be under th'misaprehension that th'throbs aint for them,gristle noise should not be confused with th'copycat industrialists that came after them...


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