...wilde flowers from canterbury was an early configuration o' some o' th' cats that would hook up in th'soft machine/caravan axis to produce some hep vibrations on th' psychpopjazz front later in th' diddley beats mixin' up mose alison with bohemian wispyness...suburban hipsters carvin' out a mod jazz world buried in th'albion countryside away from th'city blare, sailin' reefer'd dreams on th' village pond, lazy afternoons o' jazz ponderin', connectin' 125th street with doses o' sandoz from th' hollingshead institute for expandin' HEPocity...modal blather navigatin' th' wobbly marshmallow midnights o' th' homeward night bus to th' twilight'scratchy state o' some o' these acetates give th' archival nature o' th'release an authentic glow, field recordin's from th' middle class basement o' stolen marijuana moments...


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Thanks Bro, appreciate you sharing this.

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