...sonic mayhem from th'land o' th' risin' sun, boris come to lay down th'acid vibe'n blast some cheerian blooze into th' air, molecules reboundin' off each other to gather into one giant hash explosion...slow motion riffin' expandin' ever onward towards infinite history o' th' moment, reverbaratin' into th' next world, crossin' dimensional parallels with th' ease o' liquid smoke, meltin' only to be reborn into th' echo from which all matter is formed...time begins'n ends while th' disk is playin',suspendin' space in th'deepest o' universal breathe...lysergic intensity from th'primordial swamp oozes its way into th'mindsoup that washes up against any hipsters inner cranial workin's, clearin' paths in th' emerald forest o' thoughts, sendin' signals to start th' kildozer o' fire to bombard th' synapse with heavy heavy gloop...set th' controls on stun'n prepare for realignment with th' sludgy voodoo o' amplifier worship...IT IS TIME to submit...


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