...cats who dig th'boris groove will no doubt be down with th' fact they operate in different spheres o' th' stoner vibe, sometimes practisin' th' art o' slow motion riffin', other times lettin' loose with some punk metal thrash, whilst again dosin' up th' preceedin's with a chemical element like whats goin' on with this feedbacker wax...liberally squirted with a heavy tab o' sandoz th' boris-machine heads off for th' plateau that was first navigated by frisco stoners, th' oxford circle'n th' dead when they were gettin' freaky with such madness as 'heavy air' dont altogether sound like those combos back in th' day(temporal lines bein' restricted by gravitational physics) but th'freeform landscapes're hew from th'same ideas, th' same wish to escape th' boundary o' sound, go beyond th'accepted known o' this thing called rock('nroll)...zoned-out rushes o' LSD splutter around in meanderin' patterns, wigged moments o' hallucinatory grandeur, clear crystal reasonin' arrives briefly, only to be replaced as expansion continues, ever outward, ever inward, both movements revealin' themselves as th' same, th' middle ground betwixt two worlds o' wobblyness...


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