...released on th'airplanes vanity label grunt in th'early seventies came this power trio style blowout with lashin's o' hendrix vibes counter'd with some mellower grooves interspersed between th'heavy rockin'blooze...came as a bit o' a surprise at th' time cos most west coast heads were expectin' some warmed over/burnt out hippy shenanigans what with bein' on th'plane label'n they themselves not really doin' anything 'revolutionary' for a good coupla years...vaguely on th'same wavelength as kapt. kopter(randy california)this is a refreshin' blast o' late hard rockin' acid choogle with a sense o' humor'n good nature that will go down a nice treat with an afternoons bong...


Blogger Moses said...

Wow! Too Cool! I used to have a crappy cassette of this that someone gave me way back in the day...

I always loved this album, and I am totally stoked to see it here! THANKS!!!

7:30 PM  

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