Monday we see on th'25th february 69 jim in th'studio with his bandmates gettin' ready to record some ideas for th'next waxin' th'eventual misunderstandin' known as th'soft parade...on this evenin's session jim is despondent with th'state o' whats happenin' all across th'disunited amerikkkas: th'hippys aint gettin' their groove on like they should(or at least how morrison thinks they should), jim sees most o' teenage amerikkka as just robots followin' th'latest trends they picked up from hit parader/16 magazine'n bought into with threads from sears at th' backend o' nowhere, located somewhere off consumer main street...he sees th' uptight whiskey generation bearin' down with heavy avengence on th'young who refuse to go to war, who refuse to kill'n be killed for some pigs on wall street, who refuse their patriotic right to do as they're told'n follow orders to slaughter in th'jungle far'suburban teens who're comin' to doors gigs're just lookin' for spectacle, for th'cheap thrill o' th' moment, to live their lives through voyeuristic eyes watchin' others live th'moment(ie, jimbo)...jim saw a land where th'populace were bein' poisoned with th'products o' cheap over farmin',cheese/milk/cream were cloggin' th'people at alarmin' rates, th'ability to think was bein' weighed down by obese laziness bought on by said dairyness...morrison couldn't understand why this generation as a whole were refusin' to break on through, to take th'trip to th'end o' th' night, sure, some got th'message, heeded th'call but not enough, jim was aghast these kids could not see beyond th' 'town limits'...was morrison wastin' his time throwin down this rockin' blooze poetry, should he stay in th' bars o' hollywood talkin' with th' real people, th' lost'n drunk, should he hang with th' so called flotsum'n speak o' th' wonders that coulda been...on this evenin' jim declared rock is dead'n himself was left standin at a crossroads, whether to submit to th' corporate machine or continue his now doomed ride to to th' other side o' endsville...


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