...messed up urban voodoo castin' spells from th'dream factory,th'insanity house where th'normal way is twisted until it blurs into a half remember'd nightmare,frightful but compulsive, full o' desires'n hatred...disintergratin rhythm weaves its way round minimal thud'n drone,bleak landscapes o' dust'n decay,forlorn times...mangled guitar escapin' into th'ether,sometimes hangin' like a thick carpet o' reefer smoke,blottin'out th'light but providin' a different illumination,this is from within,enlightenment,with extra explodin' colours(yeah)...a folky prog sound takes over on track 3 which is kinda like an extension o' th'velvets/pere ubu/'n throbbin'gristle when they were in a good mood all taken into th'sunbaked californian weirdness o' post 70s conformity,th'rise o' th'new right...some NO WAVE bleat turns up a coupla times with more velvet guitar screech'n feedback,cheap drum box certainly informs th'list'ner o' time'n space,those sounds really sound odd now, a new tribal callin' but strangely polite(a combos gotta know how to get with it with these cheapo synth bleep'n rattle cos theres a thin line to boredom here,something that must be avoided,unless its some ART statement then its every cat to their own devices, no blame will be attributed)...syd barrett gets a look in on th'seventh tune, thats kinda cool,maybe unintentional but they must dig syds way o' seein' th'world,they're kinda travellin along th'path started in th'psychedelic light show days,hallucinatory this surely is,they also musta got a groove on with th'brian jones jajouka LP cos theres some nice off kilter eastern wailin' drones happ'nin, slidin'their way in with some conviction, avant tribal...very nice,worthy o' a few spins...


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